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December 28, 2003 - I have just realized that it is over a year since I did any updating of this site ! 2003 has been a crazy year for me with many family and career commitments so that is my excuse for being SO tardy.  Hopefully I will be able to keep a New Year resolution to be more diligent with keeping things up to date and adding more material to the site. Your patience is appreciated.

Also in recent weeks the e-mail address for this site has been inundated with junk mail so I have temporarily suspended the address and have set up a new one for use over the next few months. It can be found as a link below.

I am always looking for more material to publish on the web site. Photographs - current and old, class lists (use the year that the class started in Form 1), stories and anecdotes - how about getting out all the old school magazines and getting details out of there.  Anything else you'd like to see on the site ?  I'm just the facilitator so I need all the TOGs to contribute to make the site interesting and worthwhile. Gordon.


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This website is maintained by Gordon Poultney, a TOGs brother, living in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

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